Zondag 29/01/2023


I'm not happy with the initiative of The Morning to an English election annex to publish. It is true, the U.S. presidential elections interests every world and it is good that the newspaper pays attention to, but why should that in a language other than Dutch be? The Iranian elections are also very important, but I do not see The Morning in Farsi appear. Or, what I say, in Chinese. Damn, that's not consistent. Non-English speaking countries are discriminated against.

You have not even dared to your newspaper in French to appear during the presidential elections in France. Gee, that would have given some of those Flemish nationalist extremists in your country. Bart De Wever (N-VA) would let you keelhauling. But look, an English-speaking Flemish newspaper he even dispensable. "Well done", he even slip. What a nerve.

It lacks consistency to your people. You hook your wagon to the locomotive Anglosaxon and hopes to increase your credibility, but the opposite is true. Asian people mock you and shed their dusty shoe soles in your face. They throw themselves on the ground and pray passionately to your destruction.

Because messages from American newspapers just takes over, you say all the other countries in the world that they up can the pot. To ignore. That is rude, but our revenge will be sweet. In elections in 2014, the Asian newspapers in French only news of the Flemish elections. And we just let Le Soir and Olivier Maingain (FDF) the word. Your leaders will cry with rage and stamping feet of indignation.

The bad thing of course is that I'm Dutch too powerless to this letter in the language of you and your readers to draw. Therefore I make good in English of my ass. Probably have your western editors disagree about the Persian dialect. From the desert we laughter to your spiritual downfall.

I also cunt with pears that the weekly short story in your newspaper only in Dutch appear. In Iran we have no short stories to the people to keep sweet. You leave us short firmly down. Shame on you and all your children (and wives)!

Amin Poubelli, Teheran

Nu belangrijker dan ooit: steun kwaliteitsjournalistiek.

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